Goople Places API demo

This application uses the Goople Maps API (with the Places library) to search for Places Of Interest (POI) in Essex Junction, Vermont. Just type in a search string and select from the dropdown list. Oddly, Google's POI search API isn't particularly robust. Searching for "sub" will find a Quiznos, but not the Subway in town. Searching for "hard" will find no POIs, but "hardware" will find the local Aubuchon and Lowe's hardware stores. Go figure.

It uses AngularJS's awesome two-way data binding and AngularUI for the typeahead GUI widget (and Bootstrap-like responsive design).

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Name: {{}}

Address: {{poi.formatted_address}}

Address: {{poi.vicinity}}

Phone: {{poi.formatted_phone_number}}

Website: {{}}

Google Maps: {{poi.url}}

Rating: {{poi.rating}}

Open hours:

  • {{hours}}